The Scorned Series Book 1

Stephanie Duran hoped for the American dream - a husband, a family, a house with a white-picket fence - but every man she ever trusted betrayed her.

Forsaken by her last lover, Stephanie finally understands that the American dream will never be her reality.


Devastated and emotionally destroyed, she pours all her anger-fueled energy into remodeling her new house - the one part of her dream she could control - when an unexplained phenomenon bestows upon her the mysterious power to right wrongs before they happen.


Suddenly empowered and in control of fate, Stephanie finds herself immersed in a world of strange events and discovers too late that she has unwittingly unleashed pure evil.


The Scorned Series Book 2

Is Stephanie Duran Serial Killer Bait?

Stephanie Duran never considered herself a heroine. Her life was a series of poor choices and failed relationships, until she stumbled upon a mysterious portal that allowed her to travel to the past to save lives.

While on a trek to save the victims of a serial killer, something evil hitched a ride back with Stephanie, destroying her home and almost killing her. Traumatized by her near-death experience, Stephanie suffers from self-doubt and questions her ability to change fate.

When a horrendous string of grotesque murders is suddenly thrust upon her community, Stephanie knows she is being sent a message, but is she up for the challenge?

Devastated by the knowledge she is responsible for unleashing evil into the present, Stephanie will need to summon all her courage and face her past, before evil finds her and finishes what it started.

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